Date: 22/02/2017 Share

The best thing about being round? You're always on a roll!

To celebrate Red Nose Day, Babybel have got into the spirit of raising more than a smile for Comic Relief. We've sent our cheesiest comedians out of the fridge and into the world, to roll out some well-rounded jokes.

But seriously, what’s the cheesiest one-liner you’ve ever heard?

Date: 22/02/2017 Share
But seriously, what’s the cheesiest one-liner you’ve ever heard?
Bet we can top it with these… 
I knew I was approaching the cafe when I saw a fork in the road.
My Granny works from home making wet and lumpy cheese. It’s a cottage industry.
I met up with an old flame. She made my heart melt.
It was a close call choosing how to slice cheese. It came down to the wire.
Got my hand stuck in a jar of chutney. I was in a bit of a pickle.
I got booed off stage last night. Luckily, I'm quite thick-skinned.
I don't like people who rub me up the wrong way. It grates on me.
My mother always told me, "It's what’s inside that counts"
This girl said she wanted to turn me into fondue. I think she’s stringing me along.
People think it’s easy being in a lunchbox, but it’s no picnic.
I may be a little plump, but I’m edam good comedian.
I’ve been told I’m really immature. That’s putting it mildly!
Think your job’s tough? Try being the warm up act in a fridge.
My girlfriend left me recently. She wanted someone more mature.
I performed to a group of beef jerky last night. Tough crowd.
The best thing about being round? You’re always on a roll
I was interrogated over the theft of a cheese toastie. They really grilled me. 
When I got the chance to be part of a cheese course, I was immediately on board.