Saving Snack Time

Who said snack time has to be boring? When hunger strikes, you can always rely on Mini Babybel to save the day. Our delicious super snacks are 100% real, natural cheese and are packed full of calcium.

And just like everyone else we’re getting swept up in the football mania sweeping the country (it’s hard not be rolled along with the crowd when you’re round and have no arms).  We’ve launched fun football themed packs, will be handing out Red cards (read as: coupons) around the country, and are setting some #CheeseGoals online for you to complete and win prizes (first challenge coming soon – sign up to our mailing below to make sure you don’t miss out!)
And when you get peckish at half time – you know where to turn!

Discover LadBaby’s set up when he wants to watch football with his lads!

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