Saving Snack Time at-home hub

From isolation education to those pesky mundane munchies, keeping kids occupied and healthy has never been more important.

With so much time to fill, even the most creative caregivers can find this tricky, so we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite family faces and expert nutritionist Juliette Kellow to share our top tips, home-school hacks and convenient fun time fillers to make every day snack time a little less frazzled and a lot more fun.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be here to feed your Mini Bels’ creativity, imagination and appetite, sharing new ideas and constantly updating our Saving Snack Time at-home hub to add mini portions of positivity to the day, hopefully easing some of those stay-at-home struggles.

Making eating in the new eating out

Sadly, with cafes, restaurants and takeaways being closed for the time being, our favourite Saturday night treat of a pizza delivery, Chinese takeaway or burger and chips from the local pub is officially off the table. However, with these top tips from registered dietician Juliette Kellow, you can ‘eat out’ even when the whole family are staying in.


It’s healthier homemade! You can recreate healthier homemade versions of your favourite takeaway dishes at home. A great way of keeping the kids entertained is to get them involved in looking for recipes online; explain how homemade versions might be healthier and let them help by writing shopping lists for the ingredients they need. They can even get creative designing menus for the dinner table!

Theme team! Get the family together and come up with a list of themed dinners you’d all like to try cooking at home. Whether it’s Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian or Thai, children can find out about more traditional ingredients online. This offers a great opportunity for a geography and cookery lesson in one!


The perfect picnic! Whether you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space or can create a picnic paradise in the living room, a picnic treat is sure to put a smile on their face. Include a range of their favourite snacks from what you have in the cupboard, such as Mini Babybel! You can even add an element of fun escapism to the picnic by pretending your camping and letting them sleep on the floor in sleeping bags!


Bake it to make it! Get the kids baking. Whether it’s muffins, banana bread or fairy cakes, you can find plenty of healthy options online too. Simply use what you have available to create your cakes and treats, and once they’re ready you can set up your room to look like a café. Kids have incredible imaginations, so make use of them!

This might be a little bit cheesy but...