Supercheese : Saving Snack Time!

Delicious, nutritious and convenient snacks which are naturally rich in calcium and protein. Babybel is your ‘go-to’ snacks whenever you’re on-the-go, and what’s more, they love being in lunchboxes too. Mini Babybel is here to save the day!

Our latest edition: Babybel Mini Rolls

Loved by cool teens and their families because they are: 

  • Real cheese: All the mild delicious taste of Mini Babybel, wound up into smart spirals
  • Nutritious: A small glass (125ml) of milk in every Mini Roll, making them rich in calcium and protein
  • Excellent for twirling, swirling, whirling, curling, unfurling and more…Made for creativity!

All Babybel Mini Rolls are:

  • Free from added colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Vegetarian cheese
  • Fine to eat whilst you’re pregnant – they’re made with pasteurised milk
  • Naturally lactose-free

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