How we make our cheese

The Farmers – Committed to Quality

We work closely with our farmers every day to ensure that the milk which goes into each Mini Babybel is the best it can be. Farms are within 150 miles of our dairies, mostly in the lush green landscape of the Loire, the remainder from the Kosice region of Slovakia.

All our farmers are supported by our specialist dairy technicians. And we’re proud to be pioneers in an agreement with our French farmers which enshrines a unique combination of animal welfare, environmental protection, and fair, guaranteed pay rates for the milk, meaning that we are continuously improving the way our farms are managed.
We believe this creates a winning formula for delicious, high quality cheese, produced in a way which encapsulates sustainable farming.

Our Cows – Enjoying the Benefits of Best Practice in Agriculture

Our French farmers adhere to the French Charter for ’Best Practice in Agriculture’, and we’ve adapted this to create a ‘Dairy Farming Best Practice’ for our Slovakian farms, meaning that we care for every one of our cows carefully, every step of the way. Bel cows are fed on grass, hay and corn-based food to give them a balanced, protein-enhanced diet. By the 1st of January 2019, we guarantee that all of the cattle feed will be totally free of genetically modified elements.  And we are working to ensure that by 2023 all of our cattle graze freely (at the moment, it’s true for the majority for 150 days per year).

Our Cheese-Makers – Traditional Knowledge and Modern Expertise

Our cheese-makers are experts in their fields, combining knowledge with experience to deliver the highest quality cheese for you. Traditional cheese-making techniques are blended with modern technology and advances to bring you the unique and delicious taste which is Mini Babybel. The 3 stages of cheese-making proceed as follows: Curdling, moulding and maturing. At every stage, further quality checks take place and the cheese-makers pay particular attention to the curdling and fermenting processes.

Once the cheese has taken shape, we have further panels of internal and external sensory experts who check that every single feature of every single Mini Babybel is exactly as it should be!