Our recipe – 4 simple ingredients

Fresh milk

Fresh milk is the star ingredient in Mini Babybel: Every Mini Babybel Original and Light is respectively made from 155ml and 175ml of milk, meaning that our cheese snacks are rich in calcium and protein. We ensure that every drop of milk we use is the best it can be.

Vegetarian rennet

Coagulants, typically rennet, are an integral part of traditional cheese-making, as they curdle the milk and turn it into cheese. Today we use a vegetable coagulant (or enzyme), derived from mushrooms, and not the traditional animal rennet. This means that Mini Babybel is a vegetarian cheese.

Lactic ferments

Sometimes called ‘starter cultures’, lactic ferments kick-start the fermentation process. They also play a central role in consuming and transforming the naturally-occurring lactose, remaining after the whey has been drained, so that by the time the ‘maturing’ phase is complete, Mini Babybel is naturally lactose-free.


There’s a little salt in every Mini Babybel cheese. It’s a natural preservative, keeping the cheese safe for you and it helps the flavour too.
*With our Cheddar & Gouda varieties, the process is marginally different, as we blend in some real cheese, natural flavourings and preservative, to give you the really authentic delicious taste you expect from us.

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