Our secret recipe

Our secret recipe

Dairy products, like cheese, are full of goodness. Here are a few nutrients that can be found in our Mini Babybel® Original:

  • Proteins
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12

Whoah! That’s a lot in one bitesized cheese!

Unwrap our cheesemaking secrets

So here's a bit about how we make our Mini Babybel® Original taste so good!


Our cheese is made with cow’s milk that comes from carefully chosen farms in Europe.

Transforming our milk into cheese

Our milk is then pasteurized and transformed into curd. Then we press the curd into individual molds to give our mini cheese its special shape.

Time for a bath

The future Mini Babybel® takes a dive into salted water (called brine) that will preserve the cheese and develop its unique flavour

Getting dressed!

Each cheese is coated in wax to keep its freshness before its famous red wrapper adds the finishing touch

Unwrap our cheesemaking secrets
And there you go, your favourite snack Mini Babybel® is ready! Enjoy!