Complete our #CheeseGoals

So you think you’ve got what it takes to play with the big cheese? (We may be small in stature – but we are big in spirit). You’ve come to the right place. We recently launched a series of #cheesegoals to keep you occupied and save your half time during the World Cup mania!

The competition is now over, but you can still have a go at trying to complete the challenges – Good luck!

The 4 Mini Babybel Cheese Goals!

CheeseGoal #1: Perform as many keepy-uppies as you can!

CheeseGoal #2: Create amazing sculptures with the wax of the Mini Babybel!

CheeseGoal #3: Inspire us with your best snack hack using a Mini Babybel!

CheeseGoal #4: Come up with the funniest cheese puns!

Want to compete? You're going to need some cheese...