Self-Isolation Tips from @FiveLittleDoves

1. During self isolation try and stick to the same morning routine as a school day to keep your motivated. It might be tempting to stay in your pyjamas but getting dressed really helps us all to knuckle down with some schooling.








2. Kids love to snack and never more so than whilst we are at home each day. We’ve developed a pricing system for snacks where the children have £1 to spend on snacks each day and when their money has gone, there’s no more snacks! We price healthier snacks lower (fruit, Mini Babybel, rice cakes) and sugary items higher which encourages them to choose healthier choices for more snacks!








3. Make snack time fun with Mini Babybel! In the dry weather we do a treasure hunt for Mini Babybel around the garden and give the children clues to seek them out. We use a combination of maths and word problems so we can tick off the curriculum whilst having some fun!