Why we should all be a bit more kid

1.  Every day is full of possibilities

We all get affected by boredom. Ever zoned out to the arrhythmic pulse of the photocopier, got lost in a frightfully dull spreadsheet or dozed off in a meeting? Well, you’re not alone. We have too. So approach life through a child’s eyes. Every day brings a whole new world to explore! Kids naturally challenge themselves on a daily basis – remember making it your mission to master the monkey bars and learn to ride a bike without training wheels? Take on projects that push you outside your comfort zone. Snack on the go to keep yourself motivated. And remember a beginner’s mind set can help you through any monotonous task. To a kid, that photocopier is a whirring, wondrous robot. Just don’t sit on it in your underpants – no matter how much your inner child tells you to.

2.  It’s good to ask questions

How can you tell what the front end of a worm is? What’s fire made of? Why aren’t there dinosaurs anymore? Children ask questions about absolutely everything. Of course, some instil fear in the hearts of parents everywhere – where do babies come from, for example. But perhaps we should think twice before we shoot these questions down out of embarrassment. At school, we’re rewarded for having the answer as opposed to a good question, and that can suppress our sense of curiosity about the world around us. Childish questions can actually spawn great ideas. Case in point: back in 1943, Edwin Land was asked by his three-year-old daughter Jennifer why their camera couldn’t produce a photo immediately. Why indeed! Her question inspired him to invent the Polaroid, and Land went on to become Steve Jobs’ greatest hero.

3.  Food is a thing of joy

Do you make perpetual new year’s resolutions to lose weight? Spend hours in the gym to finesse a physique to rival Adonis? A child would rather a life confined to the naughty step. While we’re not suggesting you forget your five a day, it’s great to remember the pleasure in eating. To kids, food is a thing of unbridled joy, and they’re quite happy to run around like maniacs at all opportunities. Children eat when they’re hungry, stop when they’re full, and have clear ideas of what they like and don’t like. They don’t care about healthy snacks – just about what tastes good. But guess what? Mini Babybel is a delicious and nutritious snack containing protein, calcium and vitamins. Kids love them. We reckon you would too.

4.  Honesty is refreshing

Kids are honest to a fault. They’ll say whatever’s on their mind – you know, the stuff that adults would never have the nerve to express. Ever been round to a friend’s house and forced yourself to pretend their horrendous cooking was delicious? A child would have no qualms in spitting out a mouthful of food if it tasted disgusting. And while you might be served the meal you hated again and again, they’d be free. Kids truly are humanity in its unapologetic glory. Of course, it’s trickier for adults to get away with this level of nerve, but straight-up authenticity can prove a welcome change of pace for any of us. Instead of suffering in silence, sometimes it’s worth simply saying how you feel.