5 emergency situations only a Mini Babybel can resolve

1.  You’re late for work

Whether you got caught up saving a kitten from a tree or simply forgot how alarms work, there’s no denying the ultimate fact of the matter – you’re late. Your boss is cheesed off and you didn’t even have time for breakfast. Grab a Mini Babybel to get your day back on track.

2.  You can’t mess up this meeting

You’ve been preparing for this meeting for days. You should be ready for anything. There’s only one problem – you’re a nervous wreck. Time to get away from your desk, take a break and gather your thoughts. You’ve got this. Oh, and treat yourself to a Mini Babybel. You deserve it.

3.  When it’s a long old afternoon

Ah, post-lunch brain fuzz – everyone’s favourite productivity killer is on the loose again.  Don’t fall victim to the afternoon lethargy. If you find yourself counting the walls in the office instead of powering through your list of tasks, it’s probably time for a Mini Babybel. (And why not check out our surprising snack ideas while you’re at it?)

4.  Pre-date jitters

So here’s a word of advice for the pre-date nerves: everyone’s the best in the world at something. You be you, and everything will turn out fine in the end. And where else to turn than to the one who understands it better than anyone else? Better have a Mini Babybel.

5.  Post-dinner tummy rumbles

Dinner didn’t quite do its job, and there’s no way you’ll make it all the way through to breakfast. It’s time to keep a journal nearby to record all those wacky cheese dreams. Have a Mini Babybel before you retire for the night.